Enhance ROI organically on Facebook with Recurring Notification

Keep your customers up to date and create long lasting business relationships

Facebook with Recurring Notification

Start selling more with Messenger Recurring Notifications

Main benefits of Recurring Notifications

Lower advertising cost

Recurring Notifications allow you to send tailored and timely messages on topics that are relevant to your customers

Significant result in re-engagement

Recurring Notifications enable your business to send messages across the entire customer journey

Personalized and customer centric

Recurring Notifications create high quality communications that help you create better relationships with your customers

Sanuker’s 60-day first taste of Messenger program, program includes


One-off Recurring Notifications set up


Deliver in 5 business day


At HK$18,000 only

Messenger Recurring Notifications
Messenger Recurring Notifications

How do Recurring Notifications work?

The new feature gives you three options to send messages:


One message per day for 6 months


One message per week for 9 months


One message per month for 12 months

The purpose of Recurring Notifications is to create quality experiences for customers. That’s why, they are always in control.

Success Case

How ChicMe increased their sales with Recurring Notifications


increase in open rates with Recurring Notifications compared to email campaigns


revenue increase per customer via Recurring Notifications over email


of first-time buyers made repeat purchases with Recurring Notifications

Who is Sanuker?

Sanuker is a consulting company that provides business messaging solutions to enterprises in Asia and Europe since 2015.

We are the very first batch of WhatsApp Business Platform Provider worldwide since 2019.

We are also Messenger partner since 2017 and partnered with HSBC Smart Solution since 2021 to empower businesses to capture new market opportunities through providing innovative chatbot solution.

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