Kickstart Your e-commerce with WhatsApp eShop

Kickstart Your e-commerce with WhatsApp eShop – A Comprehensive Guide by Sanuker

by | Mar 13, 2023

WhatsApp eShop is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with customers and increase sales. Even if you don’t have a website, you can start selling on WhatsApp with Sanuker’s latest WhatsApp eShop solution easily. Check out our blog post to learn how WhatsApp eShop can be the game changer to your business.


Are you planning to take your business online but don’t know how to start? Look no further than WhatsApp eShop. This powerful feature introduced by WhatsApp recently allows businesses to create a catalog of their products and services with WhatsApp and drive online sales automatically through API integration and chatbot, making it easy to kickstart your e-commerce.

What is WhatsApp eShop? How does it work?

But what exactly is WhatsApp eShop? It’s a new feature launched by WhatsApp that allows companies to integrate WhatsApp Business API to website, extend catalog of their products and services, payment system, and inventory system to WhatsApp and use of chatbot to provide automated responses.

When a customer reaches your business through WhatsApp, you may automatically send over the product catalog and enable them to browse and purchase directly on WhatsApp. Let users not only contact you through WhatsApp, but also browse product catalogs and make purchases, creating a seamless, convenient and personalized online shopping experience.

Product catalog, shopping cart and payment on WhatsApp

Benefits of WhatsApp eShop for your business

One of the key benefits of using WhatsApp eShop is that it enables businesses to reach customers in a more direct and personalized way. By creating a catalog of products and services within the app, businesses can provide seamless shopping experience for customers, where businesses can convert potential buyers into customers while talking to them.

In addition, another advantage of WhatsApp eShop is WhatsApp’s coverage and convenience. WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app in the world, and it is also the top 1 mobile app in Hong Kong. The message open rate of WhatsApp is 99% on average, and the click-through rate is over 60%. It is also a mobile app that everyone checks every day. Hence, listing your products and start selling on WhatsApp makes your product more discoverable to customers and available to them.

WhatsApp open rate

And Top 1 messaging app in the world

Perhaps the biggest concern of merchants who are developing eCommerce is that they have opened new online marketing channels but have no traffic. With WhatsApp eShop, you can easily drive traffic and exposure by setting up Click to WhatsApp Ads on Facebook or send out WhatsApp promotional messages.
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WhatsApp eShop is a great tool for businesses to start eCommerce. From managing inventory to providing excellent customer service, Sanuker’s WhatsApp eShop solution get you covered.

How to set up WhatsApp eShop?

With Sanuker’s WhatsApp eShop solution, you can easily open up WhatsApp eShop and create a one-stop WhatsApp shopping experience. Even if you don’t have a website, our solution can cater your needs. You just need to prepare a WhatsApp number to apply for a WhatsApp Business API account, and the rest, you can hand it over to us.

Sanuker’s WhatsApp eShop solution includes:

1. Customer management: Our solution allows businesses to manage their customer base and segment customers according to their interaction with the brand on WhatsApp. This can help businesses improve their customer service and retarget customers with personalised messages.

2. Inventory management: Our solution integrates with an inventory system and updates product listings in real-time. This ensures that customers have access to the latest products while businesses will not be afraid of selling out of stock products.

3. Product catalog: Our solution allows businesses to send over the product catalog to customer on WhatsApp, making it easy for customers to browse and make purchases.

4. Seamless payment: Our solution includes seamless payment integration, making it easy for customers to make purchases directly.

5. Live chat service: Our solution allows businesses to provide live chat assistant to customers through WhatsApp, answering to customer enquiries in real-time.

Best practices for using WhatsApp eShop

With WhatsApp eShop, you can create a holistic customer journey on WhatsApp, from sending promotional pushes to completing purchases and even post sales follow up for retargeting.

After building an eShop on WhatsApp, you can incorporate with Facebook’s Click to WhatsApp ads or place WhatsApp entry points on other promotional channels to increase WhatsApp eShop traffic.

In conclusion

WhatsApp eShop is a powerful tool for businesses looking to kickstart their online business. With its features that allow businesses to create a personalized shopping experience for customers and Sanuker’s comprehensive solution that includes customer management, inventory management, product catalog, seamless payment, and live chat service, businesses can make the most of WhatsApp eShop and take their sales to the next level.

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