Our best-kept secret: The diversity of our team

Jul 17, 2019

Here we reveal our best-kept secret, and how our team’s diversity allows us to create the perfect custom-made solutions for our clients.



Our best-kept secret is one that walks, talks have many names, and is all over the globe. It’s our team. We know it sounds cheesy, but it is true.

It started off almost by accident, as the company expanded we added more and more people and gradually realized that the more diversity we had in the company the easier it was to solve problems and more new ideas came to the table. This is why we started to seek out people who had different backgrounds, both culturally and professionally.

A truly global company

Today we have staff on every continent except Africa and Antarctica (for now) and we are proud of it. Some of us are hardcore programmers and engineers, others have extensive backgrounds in consulting, management, or hard sciences. We come from industries as diverse as tourism, engineering, advertising, pharmaceutical, aviation, or management consulting.

Our diversity is a key asset and sets us apart when it comes to helping our clients. We firmly believe that the creation of any automation process, artificial intelligence, or chatbot should not be done in a vacuum. Creating something that will really help each client requires a deep understanding of the company we are working with, its unique culture, local environment, and challenges.

Diversity breeds success

Cultural diversity breeds creativity and better problem-solving, a diversity of professional backgrounds brings in different perspectives. Combined, they allow us to spot opportunities that traditional teams cannot see, and they allow us to find a better match between what our clients really need and the latest technologies.

For us, this holistic approach goes beyond the initial assessment and development of a project and permeates the whole process. Having a global team means that once the product is up and running our clients will almost always have someone that speaks one of their languages or is in their timezone that is able to help. 24-7, anywhere on the globe (except Antarctica).

We love to do this and want to help you understand the industry that we call home. We want you to find the best opportunities for your company, that will allow you to grow it and expand it to its full potential.

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