Maximizing Customer Engagement with Click to WhatsApp Ads

Maximizing Customer Engagement with Click to WhatsApp Ads

by | Apr 16, 2024

How to choose Between Click to WhatsApp or Click to Website Ads?

“Click to WhatsApp Ads”, introduced by Meta in 2023, allows direct customer engagement through WhatsApp with just a click. This format streamlines interaction by skipping landing pages and forms, offering a personalized, immediate communication channel.

Since Meta acquired WhatsApp in 2014, Meta continuously rolled out new features to enable businesses to connect with customers through WhatsApp and WhatsApp has been revolutionizing how businesses interact with customers. From adding a direct “WhatsApp” button on Facebook pages and posts to directing customers to businesses’ WhatsApp from ads. This innovative Click to WhatsApp Ads, was launched by Meta in 2023 to foster deeper customer engagement with your new audience.

Understanding Click to WhatsApp Ads

Click to WhatsApp Ads is a cutting-edge ad format introduced by Meta in 2023, designed to connect businesses directly with potential customers via WhatsApp.

After a potential customer sees your ads, they can WhatsApp you directly by clicking these ads. Users are instantly redirected to a WhatsApp chat with the business, allowing for immediate and personal conversation. This not only simplifies interaction but also enhances the customer experience by facilitating a one-on-one dialogue.

​Click to WhatsApp Ads Enables Real Customer Interactions

Click to WhatsApp Ads offer direct customer engagement and immediate response. Unlike traditional ad formats that redirect users to landing pages or require filling out forms, Click to WhatsApp Ads lets customers start a conversation instantly, fostering a higher level of engagement. It can also ensure that you are talking to a real potential customer instead of having the risk of receiving the wrong contact information of the customer when they just fill out the lead ad form.

Moreover, interactions through WhatsApp allow businesses to collect phone numbers and other relevant data (with customer consent). Once the customer start the conversation with you, you can have your customer’s WhatsApp number which you can use for future advertising and retargeting strategies.

Enhanced CTWA Performance with Conversion API

The Conversions API is designed to create a direct and more reliable connection between marketing data (from your server, website platform, app or CRM) and Meta.

As we learn Click to WhatsApp Ads can drive real customer conversions, we can even install CAPI in the WhatsApp conversation through WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, like Sanuker, to feedback to the Meta ad system which customers are more likely to convert (e.g. Purchase). This allows for real-time tracking of in-conversation conversions, significantly boosting conversion rates and ad performance.

Conversion API, sharing data across website, app, shops, business messaging platforms - WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

Conversion API, sharing data across website, app, shops, business messaging platforms – WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

Install CAPI with Sanuker

You can now install CAPI to your WhatsApp conversation through WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, like Sanuker.

After that, the data gathered provides critical feedback to the ad system, highlighting high-value interactions and predicting future conversions, thereby making each conversation a valuable asset for digital marketers. It helps enable ad personalization, optimization and measurement across Meta technologies so that your ads are shown to people who are more likely to find them relevant.

Understanding the Differences: Click to WhatsApp Ads vs. Click to Website Ads

Click to website ads have been the most commonly used ad destination. Now, with Click to WhatsApp Ads (CTWA), how should a business choose between these 2 ads destinations? What are the differences?

  1. Define the goal of your ads: The Meta ads system tailors its metrics to the ad format. For CTWA, the primary metric is the number of message conversations initiated, which directly reflects customer engagement levels. Conversely, traditional ads that link to websites focus on measuring the number of link clicks, which indicates interest but not necessarily engagement or intent to purchase.
  2. Conversational Commerce: CTWA facilitates conversational commerce by enabling direct communication between businesses and customers. This format allows businesses to tailor their responses based on the conversation, providing personalized information and fostering a closer relationship. This dynamic is absent in traditional click-to-website ads, where the interaction is more transactional and less personalized.
  3. Continuous Engagement: With CTWA, businesses can continue engaging with users actively on WhatsApp long after the initial conversation has started. This ongoing engagement is possible because the interaction begins on a platform designed for continuous communication, unlike website links, which might only capture a user’s interest momentarily.


Click to WhatsApp Ads represent a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions in a privacy-compliant manner. By leveraging the ubiquitous presence of WhatsApp, these ads enable direct and meaningful conversations with potential customers, turning each interaction into a potential conversion opportunity. As the digital marketing landscape evolves, adopting Click to WhatsApp Ads is not just an option—it’s a necessity for staying competitive.

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