Boost Performance with CTX Marketing Campaign

Experience the power of Click-to-WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram ads campaign with Sanuker. Create a full customer journey with business messaging strategy.

Boost Performance with CTX Marketing Campaign

Click-to-Connect Ads and convert on WhatsApp / Messenger / Instagram

Hong Kong has an untapped goldmine. With 80% of businesses not utilizing messaging channels while 90% of Hongkongers are active on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, the opportunity is vast. Dive into the world of CTX with us and bridge the gap.
Click-to-Connect Ads and convert on WhatsApp / Messenger / Instagram
64% of users prefer WhatsApp
64% of users prefer WhatsApp as their go-to messenger in HK.

An astounding 96% of users are active at least once a week on WhatsApp, with 175 million people communicating with WhatsApp Business accounts daily.

WhatsApp boasts the highest social media penetration in Hong Kong at 79%.

On Messenger, 68% of users engage at least once daily, with 94% weekly.


Instagram is not far behind, with 63% of users active daily and 90% weekly.

Use CTX ads to find leads from different stages


Target the ideal audience using Facebook ads

Find the right prospects with Facebook ads targeting


Capture attention with diverse ad formats

Engage them with a variety of ad formats


Propel lead generation through dynamic conversations

Drive leads outcomes through conversation


Re-engage loyalty program members with exclusive deals

Ad directs loyalty program members to discover special deals

Expert in Designing Messaging Solutions

Excel in creating tailored business messaging solution, Sanuker designs and delivers the best CTX marketing solutions to our clients. We ensure you’re not only heard but also engaged.

Optimized Experience with Tailored Chatbots

Chatbots designed with your brand in mind, ensuring every interaction is personalized, smooth, and effective.

WhatsApp to drive qualified leads & Cross-sell
Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Analyse users

Measurable Outcomes with Sanuker

With Sanuker, we can analyse, track and measure CTX campaign result.

Integrated CAPI (Conversion API) for real-time performance tracking

Provide Insightful metrics showcasing customer engagement and conversion paths from CTX ads

Comprehensive analysis of campaign performance

Create a full customer journey

ctx create customer journey ads

Launch Click to WhatsApp ads

ctx create customer journey chat

Chatbot for automated response

ctx create customer journey tag

Performance tracking

Success with Sanuker

Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who’ve seen transformative results through our CTX campaigns. Dive into our case studies to learn more.

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