What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a robot on your instant messaging application that replaces human-to-human chat with robot-to-human chat.

Chatbots can help businesses scale with the same manpower while still providing personalized messages to users.

This creates incredible value to both businesses and customers as chatbots increase operational efficiency and decrease costs while offering unprecedented convenience.

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website chatbot

Website Chatbots

website chabots

Create customer experiences that sell



Reach out to visitors proactively using personalized chatbot greetings to turn website visits into sales opportunities.



Lead customers to a sale through recommended products and tailored offerings.



Generate and qualify prospects automatically. Transfer high-intent leads to your sales representatives in real time to shorten the sales cycle.



Let customers purchase, order, or schedule meetings easily using a smart chatbot.

Build your first bot in minutes, with or without coding yourself

We understand that creating a chatbot may seem intimidating and a long process at first.

With Sanuker, you can create as simple or as complex of a chatbot you need, all on our platform that allows you to customize every step of the way.

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Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Mockup facebook messenger 800x800px

What your Messenger chatbot can do

increase sales

Increase sales

Add another channel to your sales funnel for more conversions.

AI fb msn

Boost engagement

Handle more conversations with AI-powered chatbots.

qualify leads fb msn

Support customers 24/7

Give quick responses and attention to customers.

Start building a frictionless experience on the biggest social media network!

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WhatsApp Chatbots

What your WhatsApp Chatbot can do

WA generate leads

Generate Leads

Collect phone numbers with the first dialogue from users with genuine interest.

WA instant customer service

Push Notifications

Alert thoursands of customers instantly about your latest offers and service updates.

WA campaigns

Multiple Live Agents

Streamline all messages under your brand’s single WhatsApp number with a team of live agents ready to serve.


Connect with more than 2 billion potential customers at their favourite messaging app!

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Instagram Chatbots


What your Instagram chatbot can do

ig response

Story @Mention

Send personalized greetings to fans who mention your brand on their stories.

ig support

Automate Messages

Transfer fans from public comments to private comments for more quality engagement.

ig report

Multiple Team Agents

Advertise, sell and serve with a team behind an Instagram account.

Impress your customers at the moment when they talk about you.

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Shopify Chatbots

What your Shopify Chatbot can do

Shopify support

Pre-sale support

Add a channel for customers to ask questions on products they aren’t sure about.

Shopify personalized product

Personalised Recommendations

Offer customized product recommendations after engaging in a few dialogue.

Shopify shopping cart reminder

Shopping Cart Reminders

Send reminders on the products left behind and offer a discount code to increase conversion rates.


Give life to your Shopify store to attract, impress and sell.