Why does chatbot copywriting matter

Apr 7, 2021

In this article we explore why copyrwiting is so important when you create a chatbot.



Humans are curious and often irrational creatures. Creatures that, despite what many of them would like to believe, are driven more by emotion than reason, and react more intensely to how things are said than to what is actually being said.

Smart marketers and advertisers know this well and use it to their advantage when crafting the “copy” (a fancy word for text) of their messages. When this principle is forgotten, the result is hard-to-understand messages and companies with multiple personalities.

Conversational copy

A similar problem is found in the design of chatbots, where some companies put a lot of effort into training their human agents in how to talk to their customers and then forget about conversational copy when creating a chatbot.

This can have disastrous consequences because, unlike a human, a chatbot will always follow the instructions it has been given, regardless of whether they are good or bad. As a result, a well-designed chatbot will deliver consistently good and effective messages while a badly designed one will deliver consistently bad messages.

Creating a good conversational experience with a chatbot requires three elements; the first is choosing the right technology to ensure the chatbot can work smoothly; the second is the planning of conversational flow, to ensure there are no dead ends or infinite loops; the third is the conversational copy itself.


What makes a good conversational copy

To achieve good conversational copy we need to pay special attention to the last two elements. A good conversation is one that sounds natural, avoids awkward situations, and delivers the correct messages. Copywriters should also take into account the brand’s desired image and style to make sure the chatbot conveys the right feel to the customer.

One of the biggest challenges in writing this kind of copy is that, in a chatbot, the same line of dialogue can end up being used in multiple settings, and even when used in a similar setting, the user might reach it via different routes. Therefore, it is recommended that chatbot copywriters work in tandem with the chatbot’s designers, to ensure the text matches the chatbots’ conversational flow.

Choosing the right chatbot design team is essential for the success of this process. An experienced team will be able to spot potential issues in advance and provide adequate guidance to the copywriters. To learn more about how Sanuker can help you create the best chatbot for your company reach out to us using the link below.