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Unsure how to build a chatbot when you don’t know how to code?

We understand that creating a chatbot may seem intimidating and a long process at first.

With Sanuker, you can create a chatbot as simple or as complex as you need it to be, all on our platform that allows you to customize every step of the way.

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Why do you need a chatbot builder?

The chatbot builder Stella comes with a CODE FREE unified interface and methodology for developers to build chatbots on various instant messaging platforms, enabling enterprises to tailor the most suitable chatbot over time.

Build Conversatiion Flows

Build Omnichannel-Supported Conversation Flows

Design enterprise-level chatbot for both codeless and developer users where you can audit all your bot-building records and developer log to track any errors/bugs. You can also manage and create a chatbot for multi-messaging channels at once. All of it with Just One Click.

Create Custom Audience

Group your users into different segments for analytic and re-marketing purposes.

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Make Changes to your Chatbot Anytime

You can update information or conversation flows, or launch chatbots on different messaging channels whenever you want and see instant changes.

Generate leads and increase conversion rates by customizing your own customer journey via our Chatbot Builder.

Chatbot builder integrations

Our chatbot builder provides an extensive API for custom integrations with CRMs, e-commerce platforms, and live chat solutions.

Shopify integration chatbot

Install a powerful Messenger and WhatsApp chatbot to your Shopify stores without any hassle.

Provides automatic order confirmations, shipping update notifications, product search, add to cart and check out directly in chat.

Also enables e-commerce to run marketing/flashsale campaigns.

Slack integration chatbot

Turn your Slack workplace into a powerful inbox with just a few clicks!

You can monitor and interact with all your customers’ chats from WhatsApp, Messenger and more channels; as well as providing insightful analytics to improve your customer service quality.

Luis chatbot integration

With LUIS, you can build enterprise-ready, custom AI models and adopt it to any supported messaging platform through Stella.


Looking for a customer support tool for your customers from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

Look no further! As long as you have a 365 subscription, you can quickly deploy a powerful inbox to your Teams acocunt.

dialog flow chatbot integration

Want to build an AI-learning chatbot on your messaging platform?

Dialogflow leverages on Google’s machine learning capabilities and is built on Google infrastructure, which can be optimized for Google Assistant.

It can process both voice and text-based conversation.

stripe chatbot integration

Stripe integration adds a powerful payment gateway to your chatbot flow, easily generating revenue from direct conversation.

Cooperate with your team in real time

Add your team members to your Chatbot account with a few clicks.

Share your diverse experiences to design perfect chatbot stories.

Stella is a very user-friendly and powerful platform facilitating us to build the dialogue trees and manage the content library without any hassle.

With Stella, it is possible, even for non-techies, to build a DIY chatbot on WhatsApp easily.

Ms. Kelly Yeung

Deputy General Manager, Operations Department, Octopus Card Limited

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