Boost Sales with WhatsApp Marketing on Xmas

1 Mins Tips for your X’mas Campaign: How to Boost Sales with WhatsApp Marketing

by | Dec 11, 2023

As the festive season approaches, businesses are gearing up for one of the most lucrative times of the year – Christmas. In this edition of “1 Minute Lesson for Business Messaging,” we explore a swift yet impactful tool: WhatsApp broadcast messages.


With their personal touch and high engagement rates, these messages can be a cornerstone of your Christmas campaign strategy. Let’s dive into how you can utilize WhatsApp to effectively boost your sales in just minutes a day.

Understanding WhatsApp Broadcast Messages – Quick Overview

A WhatsApp broadcast message allows you to send a promotional message to your target customers at scale. For businesses, broadcast messages are a discreet and efficient way to communicate offers, updates, and special messages to customers who have opted in to receive these notifications.

Broadcast messages on WhatsApp retain a personal touch, as they appear as regular messages from a contact. This personal approach is beneficial for businesses, especially during a festive and personal holiday like Christmas.

Additionally, WhatsApp ensures a high deliverability and read rate, which is crucial for time-sensitive offers and holiday greetings.

1-Minute Tip💡: Always get consent from customers before adding them to your broadcast list to maintain trust and comply with privacy regulations.

Boost sales with WhatsApp marketing messages during Xmas

Boost sales with WhatsApp marketing messages during Xmas

Why WhatsApp for Your Christmas Campaign?

  • Open Rates

    WhatsApp messages see a 98% open rate, much higher than emails.

  • Personal Touch:

    Messages feel like a personal note, not a mass advertisement.

  • Less Intrusive:

    Customers read messages at their convenience, respecting their space.

In the realm of digital marketing, WhatsApp stands out for its high engagement rates. Statistics show that WhatsApp messages have an open rate of over 98%, far surpassing traditional emails. During the Christmas season, when customers are bombarded with endless marketing emails, WhatsApp messages can cut through the noise, delivering your campaign directly into the hands of your audience.

The personal nature of WhatsApp also adds significant value to your marketing efforts. A message on WhatsApp feels more like a personal recommendation rather than a broad advertisement, fostering a sense of exclusivity and direct connection with your brand. This personal touch is particularly effective during Christmas when emotions play a significant role in consumer decisions.

1-Minute Tip💡: Use WhatsApp to send exclusive holiday discounts or special Christmas greetings to create a more intimate customer experience.

Crafting Effective Broadcast Messages

To capitalize on the potential of WhatsApp broadcast messages, content is key. Start with a compelling message that resonates with the festive season. Use language that is warm, inviting, and, most importantly, personalized. Remember, even though you are sending a broadcast message, it should feel as though it’s tailored for the individual.

  • Keep it Short and Sweet

    Your message should be concise and to the point.

  • Add a Festive Flair

    Use emojis or images to make your message visually appealing.

  • Timeliness is Key

    Schedule messages when customers are most likely to engage, typically midday or early evening.

1-Minute Tip💡: Test different message formats to see what resonates best with your audience, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Success Story – E-commerce Boost with WhatsApp

Anker, an online e-commerce brand selling gadgets and power banks, worked with Sanuker and saw a significant increase in sales with a targeted WhatsApp broadcast campaign. Anker Indonesia launched a weeklong campaign using WhatsApp to send targeted messaging to opted – in customers for a special offer on headphones, driving high engagement and sales conversion rates.

When Anker Indonesia introduced a week-long campaign using WhatsApp as a messaging channel to promote special offers for headphones, the team saw high open rates and sales conversions.

63%+ message open rates in WhatsApp

300 messages sent per second via WhatsApp

27% add-to-cart rate attributable to WhatsApp

6.65% sales conversions with WhatsApp in one week

They focused on personalization and timely offers, sending tailored messages based on customer interests and purchasing history. This approach not only increased sales but also built stronger customer relationships.

Customer’s automated journey to purchase discounted sales offer

Customer’s automated journey to purchase discounted sales offer

Leveraging WhatsApp for Maximum Christmas Campaign Impact

In this “1 Minute Lesson for Business Messaging,” we delve into strategic methods to amplify your Christmas campaign sales using WhatsApp. This platform offers unique opportunities to connect with your audience in a personal, direct, and effective way. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

1. Personalized Promotions:

Tailor your offers to suit the preferences of your customer segments. Use your data on past purchases and interactions to create personalized deals that feel exclusive and special. For example, send a message with a “Secret Santa” discount code for a product they’ve shown interest in previously.

2. Limited-Time Offers:

Create a sense of urgency with time-limited deals exclusive to your WhatsApp audience. For instance, “Flash Sale for the next 3 hours! Grab your Christmas deals now!” This encourages immediate action and makes customers feel part of an exclusive group.

3. Chatbot Integration:

Implement a chatbot for automated yet personalized responses. Use it to answer FAQs, provide product recommendations, or assist in purchasing. This not only enhances customer experience but also streamlines your sales process.

4. Interactive Content:

Engage your audience with interactive content like polls or quizzes about Christmas shopping preferences. This increases engagement and provides valuable insights into your customers’ choices and preferences.

5. Follow-up and Feedback:

After purchase, use WhatsApp to send a thank-you message, ask for feedback, or offer post-purchase support. This builds customer loyalty and opens up opportunities for future sales.

6. Measure and Adapt:

Utilize WhatsApp’s built-in tools to track message delivery and read rates. Analyze this data to understand what works and adapt your strategy accordingly. Continuous improvement based on real data is key to a successful campaign.

1-Minute Tip💡: Contact WhatsApp Business Messaging expert, Sanuker, to tailor the best WhatsApp marketing solution for your business.

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