Akulaku and Sanuker become a Facebook success story

Apr 14, 2021

In this article we review Akulaku’s case, which was featured by Facebook as a success story.



A 99% open rate is something marketers dream of, and companies like Sanuker help turn into reality thanks to WhatsApp and Stella. This is why our work with Akulaku, an Indonesian fintech company, was recently featured by Facebook as a success case.

Akulaku reached out to Sanuker for help in improving a key part of its customer journey: account activation. Indonesia has an unstable and unreliable SMS network that made it hard for Akulaku to verify customers who signed up to its platform and the company needed to find a more reliable solution.

The challenge

ndonesia is a huge market with over 270 million people, with a smartphone penetration of 98.2%, so the new solution had to be a mobile-friendly one. WhatsApp is the top mobile app in the country by active users and represented a great opportunity for Akulaku.

The challenge was finding a way to integrate WhatsApp into Akulaku’s account activation process. Sanuker stepped up to the challenge with its digital assistant builder Stella and created a WhatsApp-powered digital assistant that helped customers activate their accounts.

Sanuker’s solution achieved a 98% delivery rate and a 99% open rate in its messages, delivering an opt-in ratio three times higher than what had previously been achieved with SMS.

How it worked

Sanuker provided training to Akulaku’s developer to help them integrate WhatsApp Business API and worked closely with the company’s team to craft an effective messaging experience. Thanks to this collaboration Akulaku’s customers can now use WhatsApp not only to register and activate their accounts, but also to select specific services or receive answers to frequently asked questions.

The integration of WhatsApp’s Business API via Stella has significantly improved customer experience and, according to Akulaku User Experience Manager Léon Shi, the solution delivered a “boost in our successful activation rate as well as our regional growth”.

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