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10,000 + users talk to our chatbots
Over 1,000 daily active users
150,000 + conversation processed
Comprised of 68% product query, 23% customer service & 9% lead generation
10X more social engagement
Including post comments, likes, shares, etc.
80% ↑ open rate of messages
Perform 3 times better than EDM
30% ↑ ROI on advertising
Outperform other digital solutions
29% share rate
Increase conversion oragnically
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Guaranteed speed-to-delivery of every project
Professional support for full customization
Detailed tracking and reporting for every point of action that you care

Our beloved clients

CLP Bot | Powered by Sanuker
DBS Bot | Powered by Sanuker
FWD Bot | Powered by Sanuker
IWC Watchbot | Powered by Sanuker
IWC Santa Bot | Powered by Sanuker
NP360 Chatbot | Powered by Sanuker
Toyota A.I. | Powered by Sanuker
Toyota A.I. | Powered by Sanuker
Mr & Mrs Fox Bot | Powered by Sanuker
Mr & Mrs Fox Bot | Powered by Sanuker
The Continental Bot | Powered by Sanuker
Plat du Jour Bot | Powered by Sanuker
Public Bot | Powered by Sanuker
World First Asia | Powered by Sanuker
UGL Bot | Powered by Sanuker
Timable Chatbot | Powered by Sanuker
Hotmob Chatbot | Powered by Sanuker
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We walk through the entire
campaign journey together

Brainstorm and map out the blueprint of the customer journey and customer experience map
Draft up the campaign content and produce design materials that are up to your branding standards
Develop your chatbot with the provision of solid testing environment before campaign launch
Track all points of action throughout the campaign period and provide post-campaign reporting for data analysis

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